Ads&IDEAS® helps publishing executives:

  • Plan strategically

  • Analyze revenues and set realistic goals

  • Evaluate opportunities to monetize non-productive assets

  • Identify silos and recommendations to package assets

  • Evaluate sales processes and systems

  • Analyze markets and competitive set

  • Recommend product promotion tactics

  • Conduct custom research projects

  • Help in any other area related to advertising sales where experienced, senior counsel could help, including mergers and acquisitions

Why should you talk to Ads&IDEAS®?
The parent company of Ads&IDEAS® is the James G. Elliott Co., Inc., a successful outsourced sales company established in 1984, that has generated an estimated $650 million dollars of revenue for more than 400 brands.  Jim Elliott, the founder, built his business on the understanding that sound strategic thinking is essential to advertising sales success, and he created an environment where analysis comes first.

Each year, a number of publishers and media owners who are not clients of the outsourced sales company have asked Jim Elliott and his associates to help them with advertising strategies and product positioning.  Although many of these executives have no plans to outsource their advertising sales operations, they recognize the value of the Elliott Co.’s current knowledge base and experience and want to tap into it,

In 2016, to accommodate the growing demand and to reduce possible confusion between the consulting and advisory services and the Elliott Co.’s sales arm, we created a new name.  Ads&IDEAS® is still connected to the Elliott Co. but with a different mission. Research, marketing services, consulting and our newsletter by the same name now will be grouped under the Ads&IDEAS® umbrella.  The James G. Elliott Co., Inc., will continue to be the outsourced sales company.

Ads&IDEAS® is a learning organization. The unique advantage this new division offers to the publishing industry is current, constantly updated knowledge of today’s advertising environment and best practices gained from the sales company.

To discuss your needs, call Jim Elliott at 213-624-0900, ext. 1514 or email

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