2016 ISSUE #1

How Reading—and Readers—are Changing - President's Letter
Naomi S. Baron, linguistics professor at American University talked about her latest book, "Words Onscreen: The Fate of Reading in a Digital World at the ACT 6 Conference.

Overcoming Sales Challenges with Jam Sessions
"Many of us are more capable than some of us...but none of us is as capable as all of us." -- Tom Wilson

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2015 ISSUE #3

The Brand - President's Letter
"Over the past 10 years, I have talked with many senior magazine executives about their struggles to serve the changing publishing environment. Finding balance is difficult, and making money while adapting to this changing climate is not easy. The consensus is that they need to get back to basics, and to find better ways to leverage their brands. They need to invest for the future by backing the right technologies, but nobody knows which implementations will prevail."

Media Planners and Buyers: What are they Thinking? - The first rule of selling is "know the customer" so Kantar Media SRDS and JGECO jointly conduct the Study of Media Planning and Buying.

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2015 ISSUE #2

Off to a Great Start - President's Letter
As we celebrate our 30th year in business, I have been thinking about the challenges and opportunities that helped us to become what we are today—a complete advertising sales, marketing and consulting solution for national clients.

Know Your Market - The 2015 Kantar Media SRDS & JGE Media Planning & Buying Study

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2015 ISSUE #1

Disruptive Innovation - President's Letter
"How many times have magazine industry professionals heard that digital technologies are disruptive, and that the end of the publishing world is at hand? The term is often misused, and is often incorrect. Many innovations are sustaining, with benefits that go right to the bottom line of magazines. Easy examples include digital typesetting, digital layout and production flow technologies, and even CRM databases adopted by the sales department."

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2014 ISSUE #2

A Fighting Chance Kantar Media SRDS & James G. Elliott Study:  Second in a Series – What influences agency media buyers most? Struggling to connect with over-burdened buyers, associations can win if they understand what agencies are looking for – and how to give it to them.  Includes Portrait of an Agency Buyer and A New Strategy.

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