Thoughts of a Millennial in the Magazine Industry

By Peter Englert

After graduating with a degree with a magazine emphasis, I am often asked my opinion on the topic of “print is dying.” I really don’t see that happening any time soon, and I’m a Millennial. Sure, it’s rare to ever find me without my phone in my hand or right in front of my face, but when it comes to reading a book or magazine, I would much rather feel the texture of the pages between my fingertips than to be glued to a tablet swiping left or right.

With print, I don’t worry about my issue not being charged or my book crashing. Many magazines have gone through the transition from print to digital, but are we ignoring the magazines that started digitally and have now started to print such as Allrecipes Magazine or Creativ Magazine? We could even bring up magazines that have spawned from television series and shows like Rachael Ray Every Day or HGTV Magazine

My aspiration for myself in the magazine industry is to work with creative and design. To be a part of the creation of a print magazine has got to feel pretty great. When a story is published in print, it’s complete and there’s no turning back. When a story is published digitally, it still is possible to remove it from the site or make a spelling correction. I don’t think print is going away any time soon, but it definitely must evolve to remain relevant, innovative, and engaging in such a digitally driven world.