Since it was founded in 1984, the Elliott Co. has sold advertising for more than 400 consumer, B2B, and association media brands, producing sales estimated at more than $650 million.  During this time, the company represented some of the largest media companies in the United States as well as some of the largest associations.  The Elliott Co. was selected to be the launch firm for web sites some of the nation’s best-known technology brands.

One of the distinctive characteristics of the Elliott Co. is a consistently strategic approach to the sales process.  Jim Elliott has never believed in starting with tactics and looking for strategies.

Each year, a number of clients have asked the Elliott Co. to work with them not to handle their advertising sales but to help them with advertising strategies and product positioning.  Although many of these companies are not in a position to outsource their advertising sales operations, they recognize the value of current knowledge based on current experience in the field.  Of course, some eventually do make the change.

Because of this influx of new strategic consulting projects, the Elliott Co. has formalized the process and launched a consulting business named Ads&IDEAS®, still connected to the Elliott Co. but with a different mission.

The two companies are run separately; as many consulting clients will attest, Ads&IDEAS® does not propose that sales be outsourced to the James G. Elliott Co. unless the client specifically requests a proposal for sales services.    

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